Zantac Side Effects

Zantac Side Effects – Should I Be Worried?

In 2018, there were over 18 million ranitidine prescriptions in the United States. Making it one of the most popular drugs for heartburn, stomach pain, and trouble swallowing. But, as of April 2020, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has announced a withdrawal request of all ranitidine products. Demanding that ranitidine manufacturing companies recall their […]


Plaintiffs Files Farxiga Lawsuit

Plaintiffs Files Farxiga Lawsuit Because Of Serious Genital Infection

A woman from Indiana filed a Farxiga lawsuits in the Delaware Superior Court, claiming she suffered a severe genital infection that devastated her flesh. According to her civil action, Cynthia Johnson suffered from a serious flesh-eating condition known as necrotizing fasciitis that is associated with the use of the diabetes drug. The plaintiff explained she […]


Federal Government sued Walmart

Federal Government get sued by Walmart filing pre-emptive opioids lawsuit by in Opioid Case

The retail company Walmart filed a pre-emptive opioid epidemic lawsuit against the U.S. Justice Department (DOJ) hoping to strike the government before it gets sued by. According to the retail giant, the DOJ and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) have no basis for suing pharmacy practices, which are used as scapegoats for the governments’ inability to […]


First Ethicon Hernia Mesh Trial

First Ethicon Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Selected For Bellwether Discovery Phase

In September 2020, U.S. District Judge Richard Story has identified the four bellwether cases for the upcoming Ethicon hernia mesh trial. The Physiomesh mass tort is expected to begin early next year, in January 2021. A bellwether trial is an “early” test case used to gauge how the jury will respond to certain testimony and […]


3M Barred Government Contractor Defense

3M Barred From Using Government Contractor Defense in Earplugs Lawsuit

In July 2020, a federal judge from Pensacola, FLA ruled that 3M, the manufacturer of the infamous defective earplugs, cannot invoke the “government contractor defense” to protect itself from the accusations. Honorable Judge M. Casey Rodgers decreed that the evidence to establish the elements of the above-mentioned reasoning was insufficient. The company tried to take […]


Injured Missouri Women filed Paragard lawsuits

4 Paragard Lawsuits Filed By Injured Missouri Women

Four women in Missouri filed a Paragard lawsuit claiming the intrauterine device (IUD) Paragard broke during the removal procedure. According to their claim, the four plaintiffs who filed their claims in federal court in Kansas City suffered serious injuries caused by the devices’ pieces shredding through their internal organs. Now the women want to hold […]


Covid-19 lawsuits coming

A wave of Covid-19 lawsuits is coming

Many plaintiffs are seeking justice against their employers, federal agencies, or the government for damage sustained during the recent COVID-19 pandemic by filing a lawsuit. At Drugwatcher, people’s health and safety are our priorities, and our mission is to aid and assist those who have been wronged or injured. The social and economic disruption caused […]

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COVID-19 Lawsuit

COVID-19 Lawsuit – Plaintiffs want to blame China for the global pandemic

When someone is found responsible for causing damages to a party’s health or finances, the U.S. law allows reparations to be provided. In order to receive compensation, the offended party must file a lawsuit, and if the court finds his or her request to be reasonable, litigation ensues. It comes to no surprise then that […]


Veterans Hearing Loss

Over 3 million U.S. Veterans are receiving compensation for hearing problems

Nearly 30 million Americans (10% of the population) are affected by hearing loss and tinnitus – two conditions whose severity ranges from mildly annoying to seriously impairing. For the most part, these conditions affect individuals who are over age 65, yet they are the most common service-connected disabilities among U.S. veterans. Over 3 million veterans […]


roundup weed killer substitutes

Which safe weed killers can you use as alternatives to Roundup?

As the debate around Roundup becomes every day more heated, the weeds inside your lawn won’t stop growing any time soon. But for all of us who do not want to risk being diagnosed with cancer by using this allegedly dangerous herbicide, knowing more about the alternatives is quite important. Is it possible to exterminate […]

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