Delayed Again: Longer Wait for Xarelto Antidote

Several big name pharmaceutical companies were anxiously awaiting the approval of what they hoped would be an antidote for the blood thinner Xarelto, as well as Eliquis and several other medications. The companies consisted of Pfizer, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Johnson and Johnson, and Bayer. Unfortunately, the drug was not approved on time, and approval has yet […]


Still No Approved Antidote for Blood Thinning Medication Xarelto

The FDA has announced that there will still be no approved antidote for the blood thinning medication, Xarelto, which is manufactured by Bayer. They have stated they will be unable to approve the recently developed antidote, called AndexXa, until they receive more information from the drug’s manufacturer. What is Xarelto? Xarelto is an anticoagulant, also […]


Xarelto Linked to Increased Stroke Risk

What is Xarelto? Xarelto is an anticoagulant, or blood thinning medication, which is manufactured by Bayer. It is marketed and distributed by Janssen, who is a subsidiary of the massive Johnson & Johnson company. It is one of very few alternatives to the more popular blood thinning medication, Coumadin, which is distributed under the name […]


Anticoagulants More Dangerous than Narcotics

A recent study was undertaken by the ISMP, or Institute for Safe Medication Practices, which proved anticoagulant medications to be more dangerous than narcotics like OxyContin. The medications, better known as blood thinners, were the most likely to cause trips to the emergency room, as well as those trips which turned into extended hospital stays […]


Scott Gottlieb on Kabuki drug pricing

Head of FDA blames Pharma for ‘Kabuki drug-pricing’

At a recent conference, Scott Gottlieb surprised health industry leaders by publicly criticizing them for ‘Kabuki drug-pricing constructs’ that profit the industry at the expense of consumers. He stated that they were profiting at the expense of the consumers, who are forced to pay outrageous copays and fees out of pocket. Scott Gottlieb is the […]


Medication Journal Example

How a Daily Medication Log Helps in a Drug Lawsuit

Tracking symptoms and side effects of pharmaceuticals, includes a medication log template A daily medication log supports your case when preparing for a pharmaceutical lawsuit, because it provides a record perceived as more reliable than memory alone. Additionally, it can help your doctor when discussing medications as part of your treatment. This is why we […]


an attorney on the phone

What do Personal Injury Lawyers do?

Personal injury lawyers assist individuals or families who have gone through the agony of being injured because of someone else’s negligence. Examples of personal injury cases include car accidents, dog or cat bites, workplace incidents, slip and fall incidents and defective medicines or products. Personal Injury Cases – Seeking Compensation When someone is injured because […]

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