Roundup toxicity

Roundup Toxicity: Exposure, Symptoms, and Ban

Roundup is the top-selling weed killer in the United States. A large percentage of farmers across the country have depended on Roundup to keep weeds away from their farms. Ironically, however, Roundup contains an active ingredient that has long been under scrutiny over questions about its safety. This weed-whacking main ingredient is called glyphosate. In […]


What is Roundup

What is Roundup (Glyphosate): Ingredients, Use, and Side Effects

Roundup is the brand name of the most widely used agricultural chemical in the United States. Since the herbicide was first introduced to commercial agriculture in 1974, American farmers have been putting their faith in Roundup to keep their farms weed-free.  However, concerns about the safety of the herbicide started to grow in 2015, when […]


Does Roundup contain paraquat

Does Roundup Contain Paraquat?

No, Roundup does not contain paraquat. Similarly, there is no Roundup in paraquat as well. The two weed killers contain different active ingredients. However, there is a striking similarity between the two chemicals. They are both dangerous herbicides that have been the subject of a handful of lawsuits filed across the United States. Roundup is […]


Side Effects of Inhaling Roundup

What Are the Side Effects of Inhaling Roundup?

The side effects of inhaling Roundup range from minor nose and throat irritation to breathing difficulties and possibly even death. Aside from these signs however, Roundup is also known for causing a broad range of Roundup exposure symptoms that can be mild and severe, or even life-threatening health concerns, such as cancer.  Several studies have […]


roundup weed killer substitutes

Which safe weed killers can you use as alternatives to Roundup?

As the debate around Roundup becomes every day more heated, the weeds inside your lawn won’t stop growing any time soon. But for all of us who do not want to risk being diagnosed with cancer by using this allegedly dangerous herbicide, knowing more about the alternatives is quite important. Is it possible to exterminate […]


cancer caused by roundup

What kind of cancer does Roundup (glyphosate) cause?

The main ingredient of Monsanto’s world-famous weed killer Roundup is an allegedly dangerous chemical known as glyphosate which has been associated with many types of cancer. After the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) warned the public about the potential carcinogenic effects of this substance in 2015, a huge controversy exploded. The agency that […]