Can I sue if my IUD fails?

Is it Possible to Sue for IUD Failure?

We opt for birth control methods because of one major reason: preventing pregnancy. But what if your contraceptive fails to perform its purpose and leaves you instead with the risk of unintended pregnancy? Plaintiffs who have filed a Paragard IUD lawsuit are all too familiar with these frustrations. Although the copper intrauterine device is more […]


Certain IUDs can affect breast tissue

Certain IUDs Can Affect Breast Tissue, Study Finds

It’s been popularly believed that IUDs only work entirely locally, in the uterus. However, a new, not-yet-published study suggests otherwise. According to the findings, some IUDs may have effects far outside the uterus and even affect breast tissue. The study authors say that their work is important in supporting what thousands of women and healthcare […]


Paragard lawsuit settlement amounts

Paragard Lawsuit Settlement Value: How Much Is Your Case Worth?

When someone gets harmed by a dangerous drug or a faulty medical device, there’s a huge chance that the road to recovery requires a great deal of money. After all, one would expect medical bills and mounting expenses when dealing with health problems. In the United States, victims of dangerous drugs and medical devices are […]


Paragard motion to dismiss

MDL Judge Denies Defendants’ Motion To Dismiss Paragard IUD Lawsuits

The MDL judge in the Paragard IUD lawsuits recently denied defendants’ motion to dismiss all the cases against them. The Georgia federal judge rejected defendants’ argument that the complaints were “shotgun” pleadings.  The Paragard MDL now has 550 individual cases by plaintiffs who claim that their Paragard IUDs were defective. This defect caused the device […]


Paragard effectiveness

How Effective Is Paragard At Preventing Pregnancy?

The Paragard intrauterine device (IUD) is becoming a more popular method of birth control among women these days. With greater than 99% efficacy at preventing pregnancy and the ability to remain effective for several years, its rising popularity should come as no surprise. However, in some cases, this medical device has the risk of breaking […]

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