Covid-19 lawsuits coming

Many plaintiffs are seeking justice against their employers, federal agencies, or the government for damage sustained during the recent COVID-19 pandemic by filing a lawsuit. At Drugwatcher, people’s health and safety are our priorities, and our mission is to aid and assist those who have been wronged or injured.

The social and economic disruption caused by the coronavirus outbreak upended the lives of countless Americans. Many employers, companies, and government agencies contributed to worsening this damage with their negligence, and people have no other choice than to file a lawsuit to seek some form of compensation.

We want to summarize the different types of COVID-19 lawsuits that are being filed today by plaintiffs who have been affected by the virus.

COVID-19 Workers’ Compensation Claims

These are filed by workers who have been exposed to the virus without adequate protection during their job.

Coronavirus lawsuits against airlines, hotels, and cruise lines

Many passengers have been infected by COVID-19 while traveling. Plaintiffs are filing suits against hotel owners, airlines, and cruise lines accusing them of negligence in taking appropriate precautions to prevent the spread of the virus and protect passengers and employees.

COVID-19 lawsuits against daycare and healthcare facilities

Some plaintiffs allege that the safety of their relatives, beloved ones, and children was not protected enough during the virus outbreak. Many populations who were particularly at risk such as frail patients in nursing homes or assisted living facilities, and children in daycare, might have been exposed to unnecessary risks of infection.

Coronavirus mass torts against the government

Some U.S. citizens argue that the government and several state or federal agencies failed to guarantee their rights during the coronavirus pandemic. They allege that shelter-in-place and quarantine orders caused them to sustain unnecessary economic damage, and that those orders were illegal.

COVID-19 and China

As the coronavirus pandemic allegedly started in China, many plaintiffs argue that the Chinese government was negligent in containing its spread to other countries. They seek compensation for all the damage and suffering sustained. Although any litigation filed against foreign governments is a particularly challenging one, and the chances of recovery are very low, many of them filed this claim “as a matter of principle”.

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