Symptoms of a bad hernia mesh

5 Warning Signs of a Defective Hernia Mesh Device

Any defective medical device is bound to cause problems for a patient. In the case of hernia mesh devices, however, these potentially faulty products didn’t only cause injuries and complications. In fact, the hernia mesh lawsuit 2022 has seen an increasing number of cases being filed by patients who have suffered from several problems due […]


Complications after hernia repair surgery

Complications After Hernia Repair Surgery: When Can You Sue?

In every surgery, there are expected postoperative side effects. These are changes that a patient is likely to experience following a procedure. On the other hand, however, there are also some issues that are not expected to happen after a surgery. In this case, these are called complications. And although they’re unexpected and a bit […]


Hernia mesh statute of limitations

Statute Of Limitations For Filing A Hernia Mesh Claim

Decades ago, doctors started using hernia mesh devices to fix hernias. Many of them believed it would significantly reduce rates of hernia recurrence and subsequent complications from the surgery. However, to date, we still can’t call recurrent hernias a thing of the past. That, even with the fact that more than one million hernia repairs […]


Hernia mesh failure causes

What Causes Hernia Mesh Failure?

Hernia mesh remains to be the gold standard for hernia repair surgery for several decades now. After all, the medical device has been billed as the top option to avoid hernia recurrence and other complications. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case for many patients who experienced major side effects and complications following hernia […]


Featured image: TikTok trend IUD removal

Controversial TikTok Trend Shows Women Doing DIY IUD Removal. Doctors React

Move over, milk crates and corn cobs. A new TikTok trend where women record themselves while removing their own intrauterine devices (IUDs) has just surfaced.  According to the women who posted their own videos, it’s to save themselves money and pain. However, and unsurprisingly enough, doctors are not pleased.  The New TikTok Trend In one […]

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