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A selection of current lawsuits


Xarelto is a widely used blood thinner that caused uncontrolled bleeding with some users who started filing lawsuits in 2014.
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Stryker Hip Recall

Post-Market studies of the Stryker Hip implant showed fretting and corrosion and a recall followed.
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Vaginal mesh lawsuit

After being on the market for only three short years, the very first Vaginal mesh device that was approved was recalled.
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Big Pharmaceuticals make billions of selling drugs and medical devices to consumers. Nothing wrong with that, except that some of those drugs and devices can have devastating side effects. By providing accurate and ample information on defective medications and medical devices, helps consumers determine if and when they should file a lawsuit. Read about the progress of lawsuits, side effects and risks of every medication.


We strive to be the number 1 independent information source on dangerous drugs and medical devices. We inform you on the dangers and the side effects and tell you about the possibilities to pursue legal action in case you or a loved one is looking to find compensation. does not offer specific legal or medical advice, but we can get you in touch with the right attorneys who are pursuing legal action against the manufacturers of specific medications. In some cases you can join a class action suit, at other times the focus will be on an individual lawsuit.

We have the FDA, why do we need legal action?

The Food and Drug Administration has strict rules and regulations for prescription drugs. The processes of ensuring consumer safety are however quite lengthy and it may take years before people are fully educated on possible side effects. Removing a defective drug from the market can even take much longer than that. In the meantime, devastating damage can be done.

Clinical studies must be conducted before the FDA approves and medication is released to the market. In some cases however, Pharmaceuticals may interfere with these studies or manipulate the results. They can do so for example by taking a too small sample for their tests or by misinforming the FDA of negative test results. A very worrisome matter and this of course, opens them up for legal action.