Picture of a virus on a laptop with a syringe pointed to it and a vial labeled "coronavirus vaccine" below it

Controversial Anti-Vaccine Doctor Invited to Testify Before Senate Hearing on COVID Treatments

            Democrats express their disagreement to a doctor who has been previously critical of vaccination being announced as the lead witness at a Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing surrounding COVID-19 treatments on Tuesday.        Dr. Jane M. Orient is the head of an advocacy group of conservative doctors […]


Joe Biden speaking in public

Biden Hires Oil and Pharma People after he Campaigned to be Tough on Those Sectors

During his campaign, Joe Biden swore to be free from the influence of oil and pharmaceutical industries. But a recent twitter post by New York Times reporter Kenneth Vogel begs to differ. According to his tweet, four confirmed members of the White House staff so far hail from these very industries which democrats condemn. Meet […]


blogs on personal injuries and defective drugs

Affected by Dangerous Drugs? Turn To These Top Legal Websites

A list of websites you should not miss when you are affected by a dangerous drug or medical device. Every single day, scholars research different diseases, scientists experiment in their laboratories and pharmaceutical companies manufacture new drugs to treat different conditions. We are very fortunate to live in a world where doctors and medicine can […]

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