Photo of Metformin Tablets packaging with two tablets outside

Widely-Prescribed Diabetes drug Metformin Recalled over High levels of Carcinogen

Recalling a drug is the most effective way of protecting the public from the harmful effects of a potentially dangerous product. Such is the goal of the Paragard lawsuit. This legal proceeding is aimed towards the total recall of the Paragard IUD through the many claims and statements made by the women who were harmed […]


Joe Biden speaking with American flag at the back

Biden Warns Vaccines not Likely to Stop Deaths of “Tens of Thousands” People from COVID

Sometimes, having an ace does not guarantee speedy triumph over the enemy. The Paragard lawsuits, for example, is still in the process of establishing a strong foundation with the many claims made by plaintiffs who were physically and emotionally harmed by the medical device. One day, when the evidence are accumulated, it will be strong […]


Photo of a teenage girl wearing mask seated while using her laptop

A Struggle with the Self and Illness: The Pandemic’s Toll on Mental Health

It hits differently when you have to suffer from mental health issues because it’s a problem no one wants for themselves, but one that happens unintentionally. Just like what we have learned from plaintiffs of the Paragard lawsuits, physical and mental pain can also lead to emotional torture that extends its devastating effects to the […]


Photo of the facade of Walmart Pharmacy

DOJ Sues Walmart, Claims it Contributed to the Opioid Crisis

The widespread misuse of medications through unnecessary prescriptions gave rise to the U.S. Opioid Epidemic. But aside from medications, medical devices can also be wrongly recommended and advertised by giant pharmaceutical companies. The Paragard Lawsuits provide strong evidence that faulty medical devices which are falsely authorized can mean devastating physical, emotional and mental consequences for […]

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Healthcare professional holding vials of vaccine with the US flag in the background

Are COVID Vaccines Totally Free of Charge?

Federal rules say that vaccines should be free. Experts, however, found loopholes which may result in surprise bills. Unexpected costs have always been a cause for concern in the U.S. healthcare system. These include expenses for hospitalization due to complications caused by medicines and other medical devices, just like what gave rise to the Paragard […]


A picture of a doctor giving a prescription

We Need to Stop Commercial Influences from Putting the Medical and Research Fields at Risk Before it’s too Late

While there are numerous breakthroughs to celebrate in science and in the medical field, sometimes, an excessive number of diagnoses, tests, procedures, and medications do us more harm than good. The Paragard Lawsuits can serve as an example to help us learn a lesson or two. These legal proceedings claim that many women who used […]


Photo of a syringe in a vial

These are the Moral Dilemmas Countries Will Have to Face in the Course of Vaccine Distribution

The pharmaceutical industry has always been involved in a lot of issues which tackle its moral dimensions for years now. The Paragard Lawsuit is just one example of the many legal proceedings that have been established with the aim of holding pharmaceutical companies accountable for the lives caught in between some of their irresponsible decisions.  […]

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