Image: Hernia mesh placement

Surgical Stapler Complications: All You Need to Know

Today, health care providers rely more on surgical staplers and staples in place of stitches and sutures due to the ease of use and increased speed promised by these medical devices. However, at times, the stapler can misfire during a surgery, causing serious injuries and complications to a patient. Surgical stapler complications can include internal […]


Image: Invokana and Fournier's Gangrene

Pain from Surgical Staples: How Can I Tell What’s Normal and What’s Not?

When accidents take place, a cut can happen anywhere on your body. Traditionally, a surgeon will use stitches, staples, or sutures to close the cut. Lately, however, health care professionals prefer using surgical staples over stitches and sutures as the former is considered in some cases as a better option. But did you know that […]

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