Featured image: Surgical staples removal

Surgical Staples Removal: Here’s What You Should Know

Around 12 million wounds are treated each year in emergency departments in the United States. When it comes to wound closure, doctors consider two major options depending on the body part that’s affected: stitches or surgical staples. For minor wounds, suturing is the most common method of closure. However, doctors have been leaning more on […]


Featured image: FDA Reclassifies Surgical Staplers

FDA Finalizes Reclassification of Surgical Staplers from Class I to Class II

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently finalized an order reclassifying surgical staplers and staples for internal use from Class I to Class II. This means that from now on, the devices will be subject to special controls and will need to undergo premarket review.  Over the years, several adverse event reports related to […]


Featured image: Why do doctors use staples instead of stitches

Why Do Doctors Use Staples Instead of Stitches?

Millions of surgeries are performed worldwide each year, and yet the most popular options in closing surgical incisions or wounds are either staples or stitches. Years ago, however, when surgical stapling devices were not yet around, the dilemma of choosing which tool to use for wound closure didn’t really exist. And even though lately, doctors […]


Image: Is polypropylene hernia mesh safe

Are Internal Surgical Staples Safe?

Internal staples may be used to close an incision following surgery. In some cases, staples are considered to be a better option for wound closure compared to stitches or sutures. Recently, however, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration expressed its concern about the increasing number of adverse events associated with the use of surgical staplers […]


Featured image: what to do if a surgical wound reopens

What to Do if a Surgical Wound Reopens

A surgeon uses stitches and staples for wound closure after surgery. However, these materials are not perfect, and a surgical incision may reopen, either partially or completely. This condition is also known as wound dehiscence. A surgical site infection is known as a common cause of wound dehiscence. In surgery with staples, infection is also […]


Staples vs. stitches featured image

Staples vs. Stitches: Which One is Better for Wound Closure?

Each year, millions of surgeries are performed worldwide. Staples and stitches are both used in these procedures to close surgical wounds and incisions. It has been known, however, that wound complications are one of the most common reasons of medical conditions and even death in patients undergoing surgeries. The dilemma on which tool is better […]


Featured image: Surgical staples removal

Surgical Stapler Misuse: Complications and Injuries

Surgical staplers have been around for more than 50 years. Heavily marketed as time savers, health care professionals prefer to rely on this medical device because it has been known to provide convenience in closing wounds and incisions. Lately, however, surgical staplers have been linked to a number of serious injury and complication due to […]

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