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ivc filter lawsuit updates 2017Due to problems with the inferior vena cava filter, which is designed to block blood clots from moving into the heart and lungs, there have been several individual and class action lawsuits filed against both manufacturers of the devices.

Some of the complications associated with the IVC filters include:

• Filter migration.
• Embolization of the filter, which is the detachment of components from the device.
• Misplacement of the filters.
• Filter fractures.

The first lawsuits regarding the IVC filters were filed in California in 2012 and several of the class action lawsuits were consolidated in 2014. Some of the individual lawsuits were settled in 2015 and many others consolidated.

On this page we’ll be providing updates on the ongoing IVC filter lawsuits. Go to the general IVC page for extensive information on the lawsuit. Also check out what is an IVC Filter?

Cook Bellwether Filter Lawsuits 2018

In August 2017, the judge overseeing the multidistrict lawsuits concerning Cook IVC filters set the dates for three bellwether lawsuit trials. These trials will set the standard for all other trials regarding the Cook filters.

Many of these lawsuits allege the Cook filters tend to break apart and patients have claimed they’ve been injured by them, including the puncturing of organs by the device’s components.

The three lawsuits allege the Cook Celect and the Gunther Tulip filters have caused several injuries. The first trial is set for a case of negligence against Cook for concealing “the known risks” and failure “to warn of known or scientifically knowledge dangers”.

This case, Hill v. Cook Medical, and the other two, Gage v. Cook Medical and Brand v. Cook Medical, have had settlement dates scheduled, but if the settlements fail, the bellwether cases will proceed next year.

Bard Bellwether Filter Trials 2018

The first bellwether trial filed against Bard is set to in March 2018. The judge presiding over the multidistrict litigation said the bellwether cases should be narrowed down to about six cases by early next year.

Trials for other bellwether cases may also be possible by the end of next year as well. The Bard filters in question are the G2, Recovery, Denali, Eclipse and the Meridian, among others.

There have been allegations Bard knew about possible problems before they put their IVC filters on the market and that they forged the signature of a regulatory specialist on an application for the FDA to request clearance for their devices.

There are hundreds of outstanding lawsuits involving IVC filters made by Cook Medical, Bard and other manufacturers. Bookmark this page (ctrl + D) for regular updates in 2018 and onwards.

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