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Hand sanitizers with packaging marketed to children got recalled so kids can avoid eating them. 

The Paragard lawsuits, which aim for the recall of the potentially dangerous and faulty IUD, were fueled by the claims of adults who were harmed by the product. But as it turns out, not only adults are exposed to potential dangers of different products. 

Ashtel Studios announced that it is voluntarily recalling six of its .84-ounce hand sanitizers over concerns of kids ingesting them, as they are packaged “in containers resembling a good and drink pouch,” according to the US Food and Drug Administration’s recall notice. 

The hand sanitizers, which were packaged with children’s characters including Minions, Barbie, PAW Patrol, Trolls, Hot Wheels, and JoJo Siwa, were being sold under the Smart Care brand name.

According to the same notice, the recall does not affect any other hand sanitizers from Ashtel Studios. 

What the Company Says

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“We were recently made aware of a concern expressed by a parent regarding our hand sanitizer sold in a .84-ounce pouch,” a spokesperson for Ashtel Studios said in a statement. “We took this concern seriously and immediately removed the product from retail.” 

“As safety is our number one priority, we have switched out this packaging for our bottled hand sanitizer to eliminate any misconception or concern,” the spokesperson added. “We regret any inconvenience this may have caused.”

According to the recall notice, the recalled lots were distributed to retailers in Canada and the US, but they are no longer available for purchase. 

If a consumer happens to have the hand sanitizers in their home, the FDA recommends that they “destroy it immediately.”

So far, there have been no reports of adverse effects made in relation to the recall.

FDA Warns of Potential Dangers

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As the FDA includes the six products to the 203-product long Do Not Use list of hand sanitizers, the agency claimed that the problem does not have something to do with the actual hand sanitizer. It’s mainly because of the pouches, as kids who were possibly given the hand sanitizers might eat them out of their carelessness and curiosity. 

The FDA added, “Hand sanitizer products packaged in containers resembling food pouches commonly used for children’s applesauce and other pureed foods that present increased risk of accidental ingestion by children.”

And if someone were to accidentally ingest hand sanitizer, they could suffer from alcohol toxicity, as said by the notice. 

“Symptoms of alcohol toxicity may range from lack of coordination, slowed or slurred speech, drowsiness to coma, which can be fatal,” according to the notice. “Furthermore, ingesting alcohol can affect the brain and cause impaired driving or operating heavy machinery. Alcohol can also interact with numerous drugs which may result in serious adverse effects.”

“Children are particularly at risk with these products since ingesting only a small amount of hand sanitizer may be lethal in a young child,” the US Food and Drug Administration said on its website. 


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