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You might have heard of the hand sanitizer brands that were recalled for containing harmful methanol, also known as wood alcohol. This time around, another methanol contamination is causing a rubbing alcohol to be pulled from the markets. 

On Monday, Essaar Inc. announced a voluntary recall of its Soho Fresh rubbing alcohol, which was distributed to retailers nationwide, after the US Food and Drug Administration found it was contaminated with methanol. 

Impacted Lots

To check if your bottle of rubbing alcohol is involved in the latest recall, look for the lot number 200528303 of Soho Fresh 70% Rubbing Alcohol in 33.81 oz. clear plastic bottles. The UPC on the product is 7502268987367.

If those numbers match what is written on your rubbing alcohol, immediately discontinue use of the product. You can also either throw it out or return it to the retailer where you bought the product. Consumers who have purchased the affected products can also contact Essaar Inc. directly via email at

What the FDA Warning Says

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As of date, Essaar Inc. has received no reports of adverse reactions or illness related to this recall. 

We all know that claims and reports of a product’s adverse effects are very important to have it pulled out from the market. Let’s take the Paragard lawsuits for example. The reports of adverse reactions made on the Paragard IUD are what fuel these legal proceedings, although it is yet to reach this kind of recall. 

On the recalled products, the FDA warns that methanol exposure can “result in nausea, vomiting, headache, blurred vision, permanent blindness, seizures, coma, permanent damage to the nervous system or death.”

While using the product on your hands already poses some risk, children who are in danger of accidentally ingesting it and even adults who might drink these products as a substitute for alcohol are the most in danger of methanol poisoning. 

The FDA said that consumers should seek medical attention immediately with their healthcare providers or physicians if they believe they have experienced any adverse reactions related to using or taking this product. 

Anyone who experiences some discomfort or other reactions to the recalled Soho Fresh rubbing alcohol can also report to the FDA’s MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting Program. 

The Rush that Led to a Series of Recalls

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Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, many companies were seemingly in a race to manufacture rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, and other cleaning and disinfecting products. So far, the FDA has recalled a number of hand sanitizers for methanol contamination, and the numbers are growing as we speak. While you’re at it, be sure to store your hand sanitizers, alcohols, and other cleaning products where your children or pets cannot reach them.

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