What countries have banned paraquat

What Countries Have Banned Paraquat?

With its acute toxicity and link to Parkinson’s disease, it comes with no surprise that Paraquat use has been banned in several countries across the globe. Aside from studies linking the highly toxic herbicide to Parkinson’s, evidence also continue to mount on many other alarming health effects it can cause. From birth defects to learning […]


Effects of talcum powder on lungs

How safe is talc baby powder? Johnson & Johnson Discontinued Selling its Talcum-Based baby powder after Countless Lawsuits

Baby powder is something that moms always have, along with baby wipes and diapers. But is it really safe? Last year, Johnson & Johnson stopped selling its talcum-based baby powder in the United States and Canada after the company was ordered to pay billions of dollars in relation to lawsuits it lost over claims that […]