The Implant Files – How to search the Global Database

database of medical files

For the past ten years, an army of lobbyists stopped any attempt at overhauling safety regulations for the countless medical implants sold in Europe. Health authorities across the world have been misled by fraudulent claims from medical device industry lobby groups, and millions of patients have been harmed by these defective products. The International Consortium […]

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Can you get pregnant with Essure implants?

essure pregnant

Despite what the manufacturer kept claiming for years, recent post-marketing data found that there’s a risk of pregnancy while using Essure. When it hit the market back in 2002, Bayer did portray the contraception device as a completely safe and effective sterilization method that boasted a whopping 99.83 percent effectiveness at preventing pregnancy. That percentage […]

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Is big Pharma waging a war on medical marijuana?

pharmaceutical companies and medical marijuana

The legalization of medical marijuana for clinical purposes is a serious threat to the entrenched interests of many pharmaceutical companies. Their attempt at stopping it from reaching the market comes to no surprise then. But aren’t they supposed to protect our health by providing humanity with new ways to treat our conditions at a fair […]

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Why Does Invokana Cause Amputations? [And 6 Other Questions]

It happens often that a new product comes into the market and marketers build all kinds of narratives and stories to make the product sell. But when it comes to medications, these narratives need to be vetted strongly or it could be a matter of life and death. A medicine named Invokana (canagliflozin) has recently […]

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What to Do When Your Lawyer Is Ignoring You

You bought a medicine over the counter that didn’t sit well with you. It caused not just mild nausea but severe side effects the pharmaceutical company had failed to mention. The best way, after your recovery, of course, is to take legal recourse. You find an attorney that understands you and is willing to take […]

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11 of America’s Top Trial Lawyers Share Their Biggest Mass Tort Win

11 lawyers and mass tort win

Aren’t we all curious about the biggest wins of America’s best lawyers? For this article we’ve asked 11 of America’s Top Trial Lawyers to share their biggest win in Mass Tort. Read on to learn more about the famous Essure case of Erin Brokovich or the 20 million verdict against a dietary supplement manufacturer, to […]

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Delayed Again: Longer Wait for Xarelto Antidote

Several big name pharmaceutical companies were anxiously awaiting the approval of what they hoped would be an antidote for the blood thinner Xarelto, as well as Eliquis and several other medications. The companies consisted of Pfizer, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Johnson and Johnson, and Bayer. Unfortunately, the drug was not approved on time, and approval has yet […]

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