A wave of Covid-19 lawsuits is coming

Covid-19 lawsuits coming

Many plaintiffs are seeking justice against their employers, federal agencies, or the government for damage sustained during the recent COVID-19 pandemic by filing a lawsuit. At Drugwatcher, people’s health and safety are our priorities, and our mission is to aid and assist those who have been wronged or injured. The social and economic disruption caused […]

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COVID-19 Lawsuit – Plaintiffs want to blame China for the global pandemic

COVID-19 Lawsuit

When someone is found responsible for causing damages to a party’s health or finances, the U.S. law allows reparations to be provided. In order to receive compensation, the offended party must file a lawsuit, and if the court finds his or her request to be reasonable, litigation ensues. It comes to no surprise then that […]

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Over 3 million U.S. Veterans are receiving compensation for hearing problems

Veterans Hearing Loss

Nearly 30 million Americans (10% of the population) are affected by hearing loss and tinnitus – two conditions whose severity ranges from mildly annoying to seriously impairing. For the most part, these conditions affect individuals who are over age 65, yet they are the most common service-connected disabilities among U.S. veterans. Over 3 million veterans […]

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Can Hernia Mesh be Removed?

is hernia mesh removal dangerous

When hernia mesh has broken down, caused infections or adhesions or fistulas, removal may be required. In addition, removal may be necessary if you are suffering from chronic, severe pain, experienced a recurrence of the hernia, have had your organs perforated by the mesh, or developed a bowel obstruction. Hernia mesh removal is an invasive […]

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Which safe weed killers can you use as alternatives to Roundup?

roundup weed killer substitutes

As the debate around Roundup becomes every day more heated, the weeds inside your lawn won’t stop growing any time soon. But for all of us who do not want to risk being diagnosed with cancer by using this allegedly dangerous herbicide, knowing more about the alternatives is quite important. Is it possible to exterminate […]

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How effective is Essure after 5 years?

essure effectiveness

Before the vast dispute about Essure’s purported dangers broke out in 2014, Bayer always portrayed its device as a uniquely effective form of permanent birth control. However, later studies found that was not necessarily the case as all the clinical trials that examined its safety and effectiveness never followed up patients after five years. But […]

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How to tell if hernia mesh failed?

symptoms of hernia mesh failure

Hernias have been repaired with mesh for decades but, in recent years, defective design and poor choice of materials caused the number of failures to increase exponentially. Defective or low-quality devices are prone to erosion, breakage, detachment, and migration which may cause even serious organ damage. A mesh could cause a foreign body reaction as […]

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How long does Taxotere stay in your system?


It is vital (literally) to know how long does Taxotere stay in the system of a cancer patient at all times to keep its toxicity under control. Fighting against cancer is an uphill battle. As if the condition itself wasn’t enough already, even the drugs administered to give patients a chance to survive come with […]

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What kind of cancer does Roundup (glyphosate) cause?

cancer caused by roundup

The main ingredient of Monsanto’s world-famous weed killer Roundup is an allegedly dangerous chemical known as glyphosate which has been associated with many types of cancer. After the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) warned the public about the potential carcinogenic effects of this substance in 2015, a huge controversy exploded. The agency that […]

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The Implant Files – How to search the Global Database

database of medical files

For the past ten years, an army of lobbyists stopped any attempt at overhauling safety regulations for the countless medical implants sold in Europe. Health authorities across the world have been misled by fraudulent claims from medical device industry lobby groups, and millions of patients have been harmed by these defective products. The International Consortium […]

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