Featured image: Sleep apnea and Alzheimer's

Sleep Apnea and Alzheimer’s Disease: Is There a Link?

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) are medical conditions that are both common in the elderly population. And while the causes of OSA are now better understood, the underlying causes of AD are still largely unknown. Scientists, however, believe that several factors including genetic, lifestyle, and even environmental factors play a role in […]


Featured image: Ellume recalls at-home covid tests due to false positive results

Nearly 200,000 At-Home Covid Tests Recalled Due to False Positives

When Ellume’s at-home COVID-19 test kits got a nod from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), everyone rejoiced. During the onset of the pandemic when going out was too risky, a covid test you can do at home is heaven-sent.  Last December, it became the first over-the-counter, at-home test to receive an emergency use authorization […]


Featured image: Crop spraying near homes

Crop Spraying Near Homes: How Can It Affect You?

Even unsuspecting individuals can be at risk for pesticide exposure without being aware of it. This type of accidental exposure is known as pesticide drift. This occurs because pesticides aren’t only used in agricultural settings. These chemicals may also be used in business establishments, parks, homes, and even in public places. This is especially a […]


Featured image: Lupin Pharmaceuticals recall blood pressure medications due to cancer concerns

Blood Pressure Meds Recalled Over Cancer Concerns 

The pharmaceutical industry is no stranger to recalls due to a plethora of serious health problems, including cancer.  In fact, aside from several medications, medical devices have also been recalled due to their potential cancer risks. For instance, the recent Philips CPAP recall saw millions of breathing devices being taken off the market due to […]


Featured image: H2 blockers vs. PPI

H2 Blockers vs. PPIs: Which Is Safer?

Histamine-2 receptor blockers (H2 blockers) and proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) are two treatment options for heartburn and acid reflux. These two classes of drugs both help in reducing gastric acid secretion in your body. And if you’re suffering from acid-related disorders, it’s normal to wonder which one between the two is safer to take. It’s […]


Featured image: Sore nose from CPAP

Here’s How You Can Avoid Nose Sores from CPAP Mask

Your CPAP device is designed to help you achieve a night of more restorative sleep. Gain this positive effect and everything else will follow, including better concentration, more energy, and improved emotional stability. But the truth is not everyone’s experience with a CPAP machine will automatically be a positive one at first. In fact, CPAP […]


Featured image: EPA sued over paraquat re-approval

EPA Sued Over Re-Approval of Pesticide Paraquat

Farmworker groups, environmentalists, and health organizations sued the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) after its re-approval of paraquat dichloride. The toxic pesticide, simply known as paraquat, has been the subject of many lawsuits filed in the United States.  Paraquat lawsuits continue to mount against its manufacturer. Studies have linked the weed killer to an increased risk […]


Featured image: Effects of fertilizers on the environment

How Do Fertilizers Negatively Impact the Environment?

In recent decades, the rapid increase in population quickly resulted in an increased demand for food. That’s why it’s no surprise that farmers and agricultural workers also became more dependent on chemicals to grow crops. In fact, statistics show that around 40 to 60 percent of agricultural crops are grown with varied types of fertilizers. […]

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